About us

website name stands for MPersonal News Mapmc.Org is not related to any government website this is a private blog that covers various events related to Education and Jobs in India. We are a team of professionals who go through sources around the internet and offline sources to get the latest news related to recruitment.

Our goal is to help the students and aspirants of each state and job to get the latest news. The news posted here is checked and grabbed from various sources. Although we do check each parameter before posting we do not claim the Genuity of tentative data.


Some of you may confuse mapmc with. But, let us make it clear already. We are not related to the. Mumbai agriculture produces market committee Mumbai The official website for that is http://mumbaiapmc.org/

if you have any problem or question related to any matter, you may directly contact us at [email protected] You may also leave a comment on any article on our website and we will contact you via email.